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SYSTEMS AND MAGIC is a small and dynamic company with an almost entirely handmade attitude emerged from over 30 years of passion for the audio world. We exclusively offer products and accessories devoted to the interfacing and to the correct set-up of audio-video electronics, either home or pro, with the mains network.




All our products sprang out from original projects entirely developed “in house”, in the same way as a good deal of the manufacturing processes. In some occasions (like the BlackNoise filter line) a proprietary hardware for mains spectral and harmonics analysis has been developed, to better understand interactions between audio gear, mains filters and mains network. See also Technical section.


The company behaves trusting the value of “high quality” and the absolute reliability, either electrically and mechanically, of its products. Components and materials are of absolute level and to keep up with the high standards required, manufacturing of some parts (circuit boards and frames) is achieved with the support of external specialized facilities. In the end, every single element, filter, cable or accessory, is assembled, finished and checked entirely by hand to guarantee the best possibile quality.

Certain of the results, we offer 5 years warranty over the entire BlackNoise filter and energy distributors line.

But it’s not all. Well aware that the audition in a not well known or completely unknown environment (dealer or Audio fair) does not guarantee the same results of your own  listening environment, we offer the moneyback guaranteedwarranty again over the full BlackNoise mains filters and energy distributors line. See Conditions of sale for details.

The marketing policy chosen for our home country is the “direct selling” to the final customer, to ensure the uttermost possibile transparency and the direct and immediate contact in any event.


Abroad, notwithstanding our direct-selling policy, we also rely on local dealers or national distributors. See Foreign Distributors and Price List

The company, moreover, offers both to private and professional customers coming from anywhere in the world a consulting service via email, regarding not only SYSTEMS AND MAGIC products but also, whenever possibile, mains line/audio electronics issues. See Contacts.

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