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Even though BlackNoise devices have been expressely conceived for High-End Audio duties there is also advantage in making use of them in other fields, too.  Video, professional Audio and EDP are elective ones.


BlackWire plus+

Mains Cables

Energy Distributors 

Four, Six, Eight and Ten


The bottom point is that the sound delivered by the setup is anything other than mains power… modulated by the setup itself.


Any step taken in this absolutely essential area strongly influences all that follows proportionally by how much mains power is farther away from a pure sinusoidal wave, polluted by harmonics, spikes, surges, overvoltages and noises of various nature.


What are then the effects of an effective mains cleaning action in the Hi-Fi field?



Deeper infra-instrumental silence. Background noise cut-off. Black background gets deeper and releases new details, more perceptible at low listening levels or in the pianissimo.


      Larger amount of information and of the related harmonics that turn into a better instrument localization with their individual soundstage positions. More “air” around the instruments themselves with improved tri-dimensional effect and higher stereo separation.


Recording details come to higher evidence; for instance in the piano abbellimenti it is easier to make out where the stress is placed in the acciaccature. The different sections of a large orchestra are easier to sort out even in the most dynamic passages.


The virtual soundstage gets wider, deploying instruments and artists along a deeper perspective.


  Macro e micro dynamics are widened thanks to the reduction of the overall “veil”, to the stronger control and to the reduction of distortions imposed over the device power supply through the mains line.

   Frequency bands are widened, with a deeper but also more controlled bass range. High frequencies are clearer and extended but correct, with a more natural hissing words reproduction and a more tactile presence of small instruments.


  It is now possible to listen to your music at a higher volume level thanks to the sharp lowering of listening fatigue.


BlackNoise will become a milestone of your setup; as other gears change, its qualities may well be in higher or lesser evidence but they will always be there, as a warranty to this long-lasting investment.


The only “disadvantage” of BlackNoise is that in most cases it will force you to a new fine tuning of your system, shifting (in better) the present balance!

Other application fields

BlackNoise is also advisable (due to its low price the MiniBlack model in particular),  in those high electro-magnetic polluted environments (offices, for instance) crowded with PCs, fax machines, printers, halogen lamps, low-consumption lamps, air conditioners and so on. Such operating conditions might cause sudden malfunctions or even black outs. In these situations BlackNoise is advisable not only for individual EDP units but also as a protection for dedicated servers, routers, gateways, analog, ISDN or ADSL modems, switchers.

Project Philosopy

BlackNoise technology is absolutely traditional, consisting of passive R/C/L network filters whose layout calculations and theoretical effects are well known, at least from an electrical point of view. We firmly believe that, even though the theory of passive filters is well understood, its application in the Audio field is not yet fully explored: the effects and interactions of components among themselves, their interaction with the mains line on one side, the audio devices on the other and especially the final effect over sound, have in large part to be grasped yet.



BlackNoise filters have been designed exclusively for audio, are NOT adapted from before-hand projects, do NOT contain generic filters from industrial brands with just a nice case added and are NOT copies of commercial products, either of audio or industry grade.



BlackNoise have been engineered from the ground up trying to keep always in accord both the purely electrical parameters and the listening tests: in all cases where the listening contradicted the project soundness (no pun intended!), we pursued to understand the causes behind and the project itself was modified (or throwed away) until the best balance of both evaluation methods was reached. The aim strived for has been “quality” meant in its broader sense.


In order to pursue this goal, BlackNoise has developed a fully proprietary, mains power analyzer hardware (will be shortly presented in the Technics section), to investigate all the interactions between mains, filtering devices and audio gear. Thanks to the involvement of such tools, along with computer-aided design and endless hours spent in listening and fine-tuning tests, it has finally been possible to assemble a new product. A product bearing all the advantages granted from tradition in terms of reliability, all the Italian craftsmanship expertise typical of small-scale production and the insights of  the modern research. The combat-ready circuitry consists of thirty discrete components that thanks to their mutual equilibrium achieve positive and evident results in the best part of real-world duties, cutting off as much as possible all those negative side effects that pops usually up with other filtering devices that are only apparently comparable to the BlackNoise.


For example, a common downside attribued to mains filters is a decrease in macrodynamic: BlackNoises are not just immune to this defect, but the dynamic perceived is even higher! Just keep in mind that the audio gear has to be matched correctly to one of the five available models to deliver full potentials. See also the Comparison Table on this subject.



In the continuous effort to raise quality higher and higher, products themselves may undergo changes without prior notice, but those changes will be always documented in these pages.



All models (except the MiniBlack) shares the same case and

the same phisical dimensions


the two multistandard

outlets accepts Schuko,

US (two poles)

and Italian style plugs


Mains Cables

All BlackNoise Filters are fully CE certified through an indipendent testing facility that guarantees the rigorous  observance of current european regulations.



M A D E  I N  I T A L Y

S Y S T E M S   A N D   M A G I C




BlackNoise units can be connected to: DVD players, TV sets, video projectors, multi-channel setups, Personal Computers, monitors, LCD or plasma panels, mixers and any other consumer or pro audio-video item requiring a high protection against pulses, current peaks and power supply network harmonics. Depending on mains line network conditions, the use of BlackNoise can bring benefits like a deeper contrast and saturation of colors along with a better clearness of the white to TV sets, monitors, projectors (and Video setups in the broader sense). A full elimination or attenuation of snow, flickering and a better detail resolution are common outcomes as well.

In alternative,

US “Hospital Grade”

sockets  (three poles)

are available

on all models

Read the BlackNoise

brochure  (US models)

in PDF format

On the back, the IEC standard inlet and the thermal breaker in the place of the usual fuse


Read the BlackNoise brochure in PDF format

  English    German


SYSTEMS AND MAGIC products are at present time articulated around BlackNoise mains filters line comprehending five models, now  growth into V2 version, starting from 230W up to about 2500W of maximum absorption.


Moreover, we have also products dedicated to the elimination of the mains network DC (Direct Current) components with the aid of the filter Zero, and small and effective distributed filtering elements, the e-Spira.


In the catalogue there are also eight energy distributors of different size and capabilities, the DUPLEX, Slim3 and Slim5, the Derive!, Four, Six, Eight and Ten from 2 up to 10 outlets, four mains cables (joker, BlackWire plus+, GoldWire, PEARL), a multifunctional phase finder for mains, the Phaser, a mains cable phase finder, the Phable, and an unique phase accessory for the electronics, the Phaseasy.


The sonic “fingerprint” of the BlackNoise family is substantially the same for all models but while the MiniBlack, the 500 and the 1000 are of more universal use, the Extreme and the 2500 are more specialized; the first for sources and low wattage gear in general, the second for challenging integrated or high-power amps.


Each link gives more details about each product: for any further technical info please see Technics section.


The FAQ section, finally, gives additional infos and valuable advice about practical matters and appropriate implementation of our products either alone and with cables, power distributors etc.


Mains Cables


slim3, slim5

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Mains Cables


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